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We offer efficient software that:

  • Creates competitive advantages in terms of functionality and new business opportunities
  • Meets today’s needs for technical reliability, integration and maintenance
  • Is prepared for the future and can be extended when the need arises

Cooperation models tailored to your business

We take pride in being an exceptionally responsive and flexible supplier that gives you full insight into the development of your solution. That’s why we always use payment models based on our customers’ needs and circumstances. We can work in the “classic way” with cost contract, fixed-price or limit order price. We also have ready-made models for payment per sprint or for delivered value.

Or why not let us take care of your complete solution with development, operation and maintenance? Then you can devote yourself to what matters most—your customers and your business. Contact us so we can tell you about some of our customer cases.

If you’re in a spot, we can produce a solution within 3 months of project start.


Our consultants are familiar with most of the modern frameworks and development environments and master engineering practices such as, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Continuous Integration, re-factoring, usability, Server development, Web / CMS, portal, Liferay, Tridion, Telecoms, M2M, RFID, NFC, Mobile Apps, iPhone, iPad, Android, SymbianQT, Blackberry / RIM, J2ME, Embedded, Open Source, C, C ++, C #, Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Ajax, JBoss, Ruby, Scala, Python, Clojure, ASP, .Net, Unix, Solaris, Linux, Symbian, iOS, Windows, Eclipse, Netbeans, CVS, Subversion, Electric Cloud.

Four hotspots

Softhouse is seeking tomorrow’s challenges today. Our developers have selected four priority areas for technology development.

We are ready to deal with tomorrow’s technology projects today. Are you?


Sales and self-service online


E-commerce is undergoing an explosive growth in terms of customer experience, effective campaigns and fast offerings. Future systems must be able to handle many different channels, change offers and create new campaigns in a flash.


The FMCG industry is often characterized by old and cumbersome systems that are expensive to change and have high operating costs. System integration with other support systems is often complex.

Our services

Our developers are ready to help with

  • Modern user interfaces with responsive design
  • Integration of operations, logistics, ERP systems and payment solutions
  • improved online shop environments with efficient Product Information Management and appropriate presentation and visualization of data.


Mobile working


Mobile working lays the foundation for more effective resource management and better customer service. It can also reduce manual workload and eliminate sources of error.


Many older systems are difficult to change and lack support for mobile clients. Moving from paper-based work to digital is not just about technology, It’s about working practices and culture.

Our services

Our developers are ready to help with

  • Requirement analysis and solutions where the app is part of a whole
  • Mobile clients and interfaces to existing systems
  • Complementary solutions for using tools offline


Insights and decision making


The Information Society provides a great foundation for good decision making—if we know how to go about it. How can we quickly understand what is happening in the market, in our world and in our organization? How can we create order in customer relationship management and sales processes?


Finding the right data sources, accessing information, viewing and analyzing it. Using and managing it safely in your own organization.

Our services

Our developers are ready to help with

  • Transmission of data in the correct format
  • Implementation of CRM tools
  • Visualization of data
  • Customization, development and integration of existing software systems


Connected equipment (IOT, Internet Of Things)


Opportunities to connect, monitor and remotely control equipment, everyday objects, and gadgets is increasing at an extremely fast pace, something that is reflected by the fashionable term “Internet of Things”. This creates opportunities for new service offerings and streamlining.


Surveying the market and opportunities and finding useful solutions that can be developed for the current business. Avoiding hype and a fixation with gadgets.

Our services

Our developers are ready to help with

  • Prototyping – “Idea to service in 3 months”
  • Collection and presentation of data
  • Integration with existing software systems
  • Development, operation and management