Our business partners

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Softhouse have partnered with Google to be able to offer solutions built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It is a powerful platform that can scales in accordance with the customers’ needs. Google ability to handle huge data sets fast is undisputed and this is a key to success when it comes to applications within streaming media, IoT, gaming etc.



salesforce silver partner
Salesforce.com is a cloud computing company best known for its CRM applications through Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Salesforce.com has a multi-tenant architecture with a data model that allows developers to build almost any application and make it accessible through a web browser, fully integrated with other systems and with high security. Salesforce.com has been ranked as one of the most innovative companies several years in a row.



QlikView is a new kind of business intelligence software that changes your world. QlikView makes it easier to make faster, smarter decisions. Softhouse is a certified Qlikview partner. We help you to introduce QlikView in your organization through implementation and maintenance services.




Learning Tree International is a leading provider of truly effective “hands-on” IT and management training. Over 2.2 million Learning Tree Course participants from over 65,000 companies and government organizations throughout the world have improved their skills and certifications through intensive, hands-on exercises under the guidance of expert instructors–who have real experience in the areas that they teach.



PocketMobile is the leading mobile platform for companies with mobile employees. Every day, PocketMobile helps more than 100,000 users to streamline their tasks. They deliver the PreCom platform optimized through mobile solutions that provides significant savings and increased efficiency for companies with a mobile workforce. Companies using PreCom can increase efficiency by up to 50% on the development and maintenance of their systems.



SwCG is Sweden’s leading consulting group in IT & Management and a professional purchasing partner. With a modern network organization and a solid background in procurement and delivery of consultancy based services, we are the natural choice for both customers and partners.



Enovation is an international ICT company that effectively connects people, systems and organizations in the healthcare, transportation & logistics, and business services sectors.  The company’s Eppsus system is installed at over 400 customers and has more than 6,000 users. Softhouse is a technology partner for Enovation and provides expertise to develop unique adaptations of Eppsus to Enovation’s customers.


Network partners



Media Evolution is a media cluster and a membership organization that works to strengthen innovation and growth in southern Swedish media industries. Media Evolution works to drive the media industry forward with development partners and members. Right now there are over 400  members comprising media industries, academia and the public sector.



TelecomCity in Karlskrona is a hotspot in the IT and telecommunications industry. Europolitan, one of the first and largest mobile operators who helped develop the Swedish mobile market, was founded here. Companies here today include both Ericsson and Telenor, as well as a number of innovative products and services companies. The network also includes Blekinge Institute of Technology, that focuses on education and research in telecommunications and applied IT; and Karlskrona municipality. Since the mid-1990s, companies in Telecom City have worked to develop products, services and solutions that streamline business and simplify people’s daily lives.

Mobile Heights is a member-funded, non-profit organization. Related companies, industry associations, academic institutions and public organizations are welcome to participate in the mission to strengthen the region as a hotspot for mobile innovation. Among the prerequisites for membership is high competence, the ability to actively contribute to the achievement of the goals and established operations in the region.



IEC – Information Engineering Center – is a non-profit cluster with members from business, academia and the public sector. Members work together on issues related to education, Research & Development and knowledge exchange in the field of Information Engineering. IEC offers its members a cost effective way to access expertise and skills development. Members get the opportunity to make new business contacts, participate in research projects and share research findings. Members also have the possibility to establish courses and research projects derived from real cases and problems.



Sigrun works to make businesses and authorities more competitive and efficient by taking research findings into practical use. The company works with research results and innovation in software technology, development methodology (Software Engineering) and services related to software. Examples of the latter are business models around Software as a Service, Cloud Computing and Open Source Software.

Sigrun wants to promote openness by being a forum for cooperation and exchange of software, development experiences and software innovations. Sigrun is a collaboration between the University of Lund, Blekinge Institute of Technology, and Malmö University.